Rebreather Scuba Diving – The Advantages of Silent Scuba Diving

I am often asked why I prefer to dive a rebreather over open-circuit scuba.  My reasons are mixed and sometimes maybe a little hard to quantify.  But the simple answer is, for me, it has a number of advantages over traditional scuba. Key Advantages of Rebreather Scuba Diving While a … [Read more...]

Scuba Diving Holiday – Panama City Scuba Diving Trip Update

We've made it to Panama City Beach!!   After checking into the hotel, we hit the new oyster bar across the street for a great dinner of oysters, shrimp and the "cheapest beer on the beach". All of us ate too much and complained that it seems we can't seem to find fresh seafood like this … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Solomon Islands a Scuba Diving Trip Aboard the Bilikiki

Diving in the Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal  The morning finds is on our first diving location.  Diving off the Bilikiki is done primarily off the “tinies,” aluminum boats with cylinder holes and a small ladder. Csaba (pronounced Chaba) was in charge of the first dive and after the … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Solomon Islands a Scuba Diving Trip Aboard the Bilikiki

Beginning in the Solomon’s   Let’s just get this over with at the beginning.  The Bilikiki is an old vessel that is not as well appointed as many other modern live aboard diving and touring vessels.  The dining area has plastic lawn chairs and the tables are simple.  The … [Read more...]

ROV Follows an Elusive Oarfish in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists accidentally took a video of the elusive oarfish. This video is the best quality and longest video that has ever been shot of an oarfish in its natural habitat. This video also appears to show a parasitic isopod attached to the fish’s dorsal fin. The mysterious oarfish lives … [Read more...]

Rebreather Scuba Diving – Not Just for Technical Divers

Imagine just floating and watching a parrot fish or a grouper in a cleaning station. While you are there, you see the little fish swimming in and out of the gills while small shrimp crawl around on the fish; their claws snapping at unseen items and yet content to continue their work. At … [Read more...]

What Is Coral?

This morning I was reading the NOAA Educational Newsletter and Kelly Drinnen, the coordinator for the Flower Gardens National Marine Sactuary and she had an interesting article on just what is coral. In it she writes "Steve Palumbi of Stanford University gives it his best shot with this … [Read more...]

At the Office – Diving the Pathfinder Rebreather

Just another day at the office. at least that is what I tried to convince Ann was happening the past five days in Grand Cayman. One of our friends, Pam, even said that maybe they needed to "meet in our conference room." But really, I was in Grand Cayman to complete a training program … [Read more...]