ROV Follows an Elusive Oarfish in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists accidentally took a video of the elusive oarfish. This video is the best quality and longest video that has ever been shot of an oarfish in its natural habitat. This video also appears to show a parasitic isopod attached to the fish’s dorsal fin. The mysterious oarfish lives … [Read more...]

Rebreather Scuba Diving – Not Just for Technical Divers

Imagine just floating and watching a parrot fish or a grouper in a cleaning station. While you are there, you see the little fish swimming in and out of the gills while small shrimp crawl around on the fish; their claws snapping at unseen items and yet content to continue their work. At … [Read more...]

New Truk Lagoon Dive Video Debut at Club Aquarius Meeting

Drew Trent, our scheduled speaker for our monthly Club Aquarius meeting was sick.  But, don't worry, he has agreed to reschedule his presentation later in the year. But as they say in show business, the show must go on.  I debuted a new video compilation of his photographs from past … [Read more...]

Preplanning a Scuba Diving Silhouette Photograph

Penetration © Eric V. Keibler Here is a natural light photograph taken in a cargo hold in Truk Lagoon.  While the shot may look completely natural, it was set-up prior to getting in the water.  Todd Emons and I decided to go in the water together to take some photographs of one another … [Read more...]

Striped Marlin, Scuba Diving – an Underwater Photography Expedition

        In the Company of Striped Marlin - an Underwater Expedition The first year I led my Striped Marlin Expedition to Todos Santos in Mexico, it was splendid. Last year was almost a bust because we hardly saw any Striped Marlin. The reason for that was the water … [Read more...]

Creating Exciting Photographic Scenics

One of the central tenants of Buddhism is to be here in the moment and to experience the moment fully.  When you get behind the camera, it is important no to get too wrapped up in the technical side of photography but rather experience the beauty that is all around you at that … [Read more...]

The Importance of Buoyancy Control for Scuba Divers and Photographers

To be or not to be…Buoyant that is.  With all due respect to the Bard, in reality, neither is appropriate- when we dive, adhering to the Third Rule of Scuba, “Maintain Neutral Buoyancy at Depth”, is clearly important and possibly, no more so than when we think about taking photographs … [Read more...]