Experiencing the Solomon Islands a Scuba Diving Trip Aboard the Bilikiki

Diving in the Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal  The morning finds is on our first diving location.  Diving off the Bilikiki is done primarily off the “tinies,” aluminum boats with cylinder holes and a small ladder. Csaba (pronounced Chaba) was in charge of the first dive and after the … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Solomon Islands a Scuba Diving Trip Aboard the Bilikiki

Beginning in the Solomon’s   Let’s just get this over with at the beginning.  The Bilikiki is an old vessel that is not as well appointed as many other modern live aboard diving and touring vessels.  The dining area has plastic lawn chairs and the tables are simple.  The … [Read more...]

ROV Follows an Elusive Oarfish in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists accidentally took a video of the elusive oarfish. This video is the best quality and longest video that has ever been shot of an oarfish in its natural habitat. This video also appears to show a parasitic isopod attached to the fish’s dorsal fin. The mysterious oarfish lives … [Read more...]

Eric Keibler is in the News

Eric Keibler and Oceanic Ventures made the newspaper in Grand Cayman this morning! The Cayman Compass publised Eric's photograph and a note about the upcoming Rebreather Scuba Diving Event in Houston on March 29-April 1, 2012. See the post here. We hope everyone in the Houston … [Read more...]

Preplanning a Scuba Diving Silhouette Photograph

Penetration © Eric V. Keibler Here is a natural light photograph taken in a cargo hold in Truk Lagoon.  While the shot may look completely natural, it was set-up prior to getting in the water.  Todd Emons and I decided to go in the water together to take some photographs of one another … [Read more...]

Between Scuba Dives – Tips for Flower Photography

Start early in the day - Before the sun heats up the land there is usually far less wind, causing blur. Also, there is often dew on the flowers (or frost in winter), which can add another dimension to your pictures. Photographs in the Sun - Flowers look great in the sun with the naked … [Read more...]

Scuba Diving from the Dumaguete Pier in the Philippines

Topside, this was the most unimpressive dive site I’d ever seen, with docked cargo ships and unpleasant noises and smells of industrial activity. Descending to the sand at about 20 feet did not prneude much inspiration as we were greeted by some rusted cans and a baby’s diaper (used, … [Read more...]