Meet our amazing team…

We are a talented group of people with many interests and backgrounds but we have one goal – to help you love diving as much as we do!

Ann Keibler

Instructor Certifier

Ann loves teaching snorkeling and diving, especially to children. Originally from Arizona, She has been involved in scuba education since 1990 and outdoor education since 1975. When you ask her where her favorite dive location is she will simply tell you, wherever I am diving now; there are amazing things here!” You can learn more about Ann by coming looking here and coming by and visiting with her.

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Eric Keibler

Technical Instructor Trainer-Trainer

Eric is one of those people whose hobby got completely out of control. He is a proud Texan and has been involved in Scuba instruction since 1988. His favorite thing to ask people is “Are you having fun yet?” He loves rebreather and side mount diving. You can learn more about Eric by looking here or dropping him a line.

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Robert Archer

Open Water Instructor

Originally from the United Kingdom, Robert works as a consultant for small to medium-sized oil and gas companies. He discovered diving a long time ago and recruited his daughters as his first dive buddies and then later his wife. He loves to just get away and go diving.

Joseph Buren

Adv Open Water Instructor

Joe is a native Texan from Port Lavaca where he grew up on a farm. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and then found himself working around the world for KBR. During that time he learned to dive and fell in love with diving. He and both of his daughters dove wherever they could. Now retired Joe loves teaching SCUBA to others and also works on our repair staff.

Joel Hershey

Adv Open Water Instructor

Growing up in Ohio he was involved in Athletics and martial arts. He opted for more sun and less snow so he moved to Texas where he operated his own bar and restaurant until he decided nights were for more than serving drinks so he switched careers and now operates a legal support business. You can find out more about Joel by looking here or dropping him a note.
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Steven Jurbala

Adv Open Water Instructor

Steve is an enthusiastic diver with a love for the sport and a desire to introduce his students to the underwater world. He started diving before he could drive and even worked as a scuba instructor in the islands for a while. Steve ownes his own distillery and in the Marketing and Sales Manager for his own distribution company.

David Morris

Adv Open Water Instructor

David loves diving. He had over 50 dives in the local dive sites within his first six months as a certified diver. Currently in sales with Spec’s, he has been involved in the hospitality industry for over twenty years. A native of the United States Virgin Islands, he was an avid snorkeler before becoming a scuba diver. If you want to find David on a weekend, just look for a large awning and a bar BQ pit and you will find him.

Jean-Luc Pous

Asstant Instructor Trainer

Most days you will find Jean-Luc at an airport somewhere. You may find him teaching a pilot who is upgrading his rating or taking passengers to an important business meeting. He is a retired engineer and manager and when he is not working or flying, you will find him diving, talking about diving or teaching diving..

Logan Sammons

Open Water Instructor

Logan had no choice but to learn to dive; his entire family dives! Becoming an instructor was a natural progression for him because he enjoys teaching. When he is not diving you will find him at NASA where he is an Engineer in charge of some of the space station systems. Logan is the perfect person to teach young divers because he has a lot of patience and is excited about diving which is contagious.
Scuba Instructor Andrew ahamblin

Andrew Shamblin

Open Water Instructor

In his alternate life, Andrew is a Paramedic with the Houston Fire Department as well as an Emergency Room Nurse at a west Houston Hospital. In his spare time you will find him scuba diving. He loves the freedom scuba diving affords and he really likes teaching others to dive. He also enjoys passing on his medical training in the Stress & Rescue program here at Oceanic Ventures.

Wade Sparks

Adv Open Water Instructor

Watching Jacques Cousteau helped Wade become interested in the underwater world and scuba diving was a natural fit. Whenever he can get away, wade loves to be in the water or on top of it fishing. He enjoys sharing his love for the ocean and for spearing and cooking fresh fish. You can find out more about Wade by looking here or dropping him a line.

Joseph Thompson

Open Water Instructor

If you ever meet Joe you will soon find out that he loves diving! Joe freely admits that he has a hobby that got out of control.  As he tells it, he came in with a friend who was signing up for a nitrox class and by the time he left, he had embarked on technical dive training and a trip to Truk Lagoon.  Flash forward, and Joe is a trimix rebreather diver, technical wreck diver, advanced gas blender and open water instructor.  When he isn’t diving, Joe is a litigation partner at a large law firm, and is Board Certified in Oil, Gas & Mineral Law.

Holly Williams

Adv Open Water Instructor

Holly started her professional life in Social Work but soon discovered that those same skills applied to project management. Holly is a technology systems project manager with experience in a variety of businesses. Diving has been both a passion and a business for years. Holly once owned a diver operation in Honduras but found that owning a diver operation is much different that getting to go diving. So, she is back teaching scuba and going diving for fun! Her love of the underwater world is immediately noticeable as is her experience working with all levels of divers. You will love diving with her!

Alexander Witschey

Adv Open Water Instructor

Alex can’t remember a time when he was not in the water. Alex has been diving since he was twelve and used to teach full-time with Oceanic Ventures. Though he is now a corporate lawyer, Alex still dives, teaches, and shares his passion for the underwater world—as much as he can

Elin Berg, MD

Dive Master/AI (in training)

Elin loves being underwater and her passion is contagious! A native of Norway, she moved to North Carolina and then later to Texas. Her diving has taken her all over the world and she never tires of being in beautiful places underwater.

Michael Coburn, MD

Assistant Instructor/
Medical Advisor

ike is a full-time physician who dreams of diving more often than his schedule allows. He also serves as the medical adviser to Oceanic Ventures. In his “real life”, he is an Urologist and Professor at the Baylor Medical School in the Texas Medical Center. From river Archeology in North Carolina to rock quarries in in the mid-west, Mike has dove all over the United States

Connor Knapp

Dive Master/AI (in Training)

Connor got his start at the age of 12 right here at Oceanic Ventures and talk about someone who loves diving, that is Connor! He also loves introducing others to snorkeling and diving. His diving jpiney has taken all over the Caribean as well as the Pacific after his recent trip to Truk Lagoon.

In his other life he is an organizational specialist although he has met his match with Ann and Eric…

Madison Lee

Assistant Instructor/ Technical Dive Supervisor

Madison grew up in Tyler, Texas but spent a lot of time in other parts of the country where he worked as an agricultural consultant. Madison wants everyone to enjoy diving as much as he does and he is willing to put in extra help with people to help them reach their goals. He is also an avid technical diver and a rebreather diver.

Cora Scharfman, MD

Assistant Instructor

It is hard to say if Cora or her husband Guy loves diving more. But needless to say, they both love spending time underwater! When Cora is not diving she is a Pysician specializing in Geriatric care,which tells you she is patient and kind in all aspects of her life. She loves teaching and she cant understand why everyone is not a diver!

Zaide Scheib

Assistant Instructor

Zaide is responsible for many of the green parks you see in the planned communities throughout Houston. She is an Irrigation specialist and water is her business as well as her avocation. She started diving on a whim, winning a silent auction for scuba classes. Since then she has dove all over world and can be found many weekends either diving or helping out at the store.

David Gooch

Dive Master (in training)

A legal counsel of Schlumberger Davis learned to dive with his son in Asia.His postings have allowed him the opportunity to dive in some incredible places. Since returning to Houston, he has continued his diving educations progressing through the technical diving levels as well as the dive leader programs. David is patient and loves working with divers to help improve their skills and ecxperiences.

Andrea Luethi

Dive Master (in training)

Andrea has spent a lot of time in some fabulous diving locations – looking at the ocean. As a private pilot, he didn’t have the time to go diving because he was always on call. Now flying for Delta Airlines his diving abilities have extended beyond the occasional vacations with his wife, also a diver. His flight instructor experiences translate well into scuba diving. He loves teaching and working with experienced divers as well as new divers.

Jamie Morris

Dive Master (in training)

Jamie was always a snorkler having grown up in Florida and living in St Johns, USVI. But she did not really discover diving until her husband talked her into trying a Megalodon Rebreather in the pool. Breathing underwater got her hooked and she quickly enrolled in an Open Water Dving Course with Ocenaic Ventures. Fast forward , she has been diving back in the USVI as well as Mexico and even in a dry suit off the coast of California. Jamie loves diving and really enjoys taking others out diving.

William Peterson

Dive Master

Will started his diving life with Oceanic Ventures as something to do on vacation. He loved diving so much he convinced his wife to go diving and has since gotten all of children certified. He loves going on family diving vacations! Will is also a natural dive leader applying his organized nature to help others to enjoy diving too. In his spare time, Will is an appellate attorney with Morgan Lewis.

Jamie Thorpe

Dive Master (in training)

With her degree in environmental Science, Jamie is a problem solver in the oil and gas industry. Technically she is in sales but more than that she helps her clients develop and refine their products. Of course, when she is not talking about chemicals and industrial lubricants, she talking about scuba diving. As a former teacher and tutor, she is a natural as a dive leader. Her adventures have taken her all over the world diving.

David Snyder

Gas Passer (Fill Station Manager)

A retired instructor with Oceanic Ventures, Dave got his start diving for golf balls in Ohio. Since that early start Dave has dove all over the world and is one of our Megalodon CCR divers. Over the years, Dave has taken on the task of assuring our blending station is in good operating order. He has mastered the “art” in gas blending and compressor maintenance.

Barney Corbin

Senior Repair Consultant

Barney started his diving hobby as a teenager in Florida. Over the years, his work with the Air Force and NASA took him all over the world letting him visit numerous countries. While working for NASA in California, Barney made a lot of local dives. He moved o Houston to work on the space station. Through it all he still loves being underwater!

Carol Carter

Repair Technician

Carol alsys has a smile of her face and loves to laugh. Being a nativ Houstonian, she loves the warm weather and the water; whether it is fresh water or salt water. She is a retired project supervisor with AT&T. She is a diver ut work got in the way of her diving. She has since returned to the world of diving and to keep herself out of trouble (or in it) she has become one of our repair technicians.

Charles Gerlovich

Repair Technician

A retired Oceanic Ventures Instructor, Chuck simply loves diving. Since his retirement from project management, he has increased his diving by at lest three. Since Connie is still working Chuck rejoined Oceanic Ventures as a repair technician to keep himself busy between trips.
Ashton in Technical Equipment

Ashton Arsement

Sales Consultant

Ashton was the retail manager at Oceanic Ventures for ten years. AFter finishing his degree at the University of Houston he went to work as a consultant and now works for an international bank. While he spends a lot of time in Boston, he still has a passion for diving and helps out whenever he can.

Susan Long

Language Specialist/Writer

Susan is a retired computer geek who discovered scuba diving while planning a snorkeling trip a friend. She fell in love with diving becoming only the third person in Oceanic Ventures history to log 100 dives in her first year. Susan loves diving! She is now a rebreather diver and a dry suit diver.

Coad Worden

Sales Consultant

A native of Montana, his early years were spend fishing, hunting and skiing but after moving to Texas, he discovered the right form of water and entered Neptune’s realm. Coad was hooked and has spent a lot of time diving

Charles Alvarez

Guest Lecturer

Charles has been diving for a long-time and recently when his daughter graduated from college he decided he wanted to help show others how fun diving can be. His full time gig is with Service Corporation where he serves as a talent scout! If you want to know more about lobster hunting or spearfishing, then Charles is your man! 

Gary Taylor

Guest Lecturer

Gary is currently the President of the Professional Scuba Instructors International. He lives in Michigan but spend a great deal of time traveling and diving. He has a background in education with a masters degree in education and theology.. You can learn more about Gary by looking here.