The Megalodon Tiburon Closed Circuit Rebreather System

Leon Scamahorn, CEO of Innerspace Systems Corp., Discussing the Unit in Houston

The Tiburon Rebreather combines ISC’s robust Megalodon frame and breathing loop with its low work of breathing with Shearwater Electronics making the Tiburon one of the world’s best rebreathers. Using ISC’s DiveCan bus, the shearwater handset controls the head and a shearwater HUD. For redundancy, a Shearwater NERD 2 can also be added to replace the HUD.

Some Features of the Tiburon CCR

  • Very customizable modular rebreather
  • Proven ruggedness with over 20 years of manufacturing
  • US Navy approved look and framework
  • Mixed Gas capable
  • 5.5lb Radial Scrubber (8lb Radial additional)
  • Plug & Play dispyas and devices making it ideal for upgrades or repairs
  • eCCR configuration with Shearwater color handset, HUD (NERD 2 can be added)
  • Counter lung system designed for water trapping, water expulsion and easy work of breathing.
  • Integrated water traps
  • ISC Exclusive dual partitioned breathing loop protects the diver from caustic cocktails.
  • Aluminum canister with black mil-spec hard coat anodizing (your choice of canister size)
  • Any brand backplate/harness/ wing system will fit on the unit.
  • Shadow mounts on canister allow the mounting of any cylinder size 15cf / 2L or 23cf / 3L Fabers.
  • Will easily fit in the overhead of an airplane during travel!

Features of the Tiburon CCR Electronics

  • Full decompression system for multi-stage mixed gas decompression diving.
  • SHEARWATER DiveCAN® Rebreather Controller circuitry.
  • Two independent and powered network systems for redundancy.
  • Depth, time and 3 oxygen sensor display.
  • 3 sensor voting logic and Voting failed consensus solenoid deactivation.
  • Voting failed decompression default. Decompression is calculated by lowest PO2 displayed by one of 3 sensors.
  • Multiple battery power supply options: 1.5V Alkaline, 1.5V Photo Lithium, 1.2V NiMH, 3.6V Saft, and 3.7V Li-Ion for controlling handset.
  • Independently powered oxygen injection system. Will run independently of handset controller. Power supply is one or two 9V batteries.
  • ISC User replaceable modular electronic circuit component system.
  • Shearwater DiveCAN® connectors rated for 2000fsw(606msw).
  • Bluetooth® downloadable and upgradable.
  • Full logging feature, Bluetooth compatible devices may access logs.Single gas calibration. (100% Oxygen) with gas saver manifold.
  • Automatic altitude calibration and fixed sea level 1013mb pressure option.
  • Shearwater DiveCAN® Mechanical button HUD and Shearwater NERD compatible.
  • Buhlman ZHL-16C with adjustable Gradient factors.
  • Optional VPM-B decompression model.
  • Any air, nitrogen, and helium mix may be used.
  • Full mixed gas bailout system.
  • 5 CCR diluent gas selectable with override.
  • O/C bailout 5 gas selectable with override.
  • CCR dive planning feature.
  • O/C bailout planning feature.
  • Tilt compensated integrated compass in Handset with user calibration.
  • Dive physiology data for CNS%.
  • Last stop selection.
  • Ascent rate indicator.
  • Imperial and metric measurement option.
  • Automatic off after 15 minutes on the surface.
  • Depth sensor rating for 450fsw(140msw).
  • Advanced Menu option for that adapts to diving status.
  • No computer lockout for violations.
  • Automatic configurable set point switching.
  • User configurable set point low and high settings.
  • 1000 hour logging.
  • Future device upgrade options.
Eric with Bruce Partridge, CEO of Shearwater Electronics
CCR Divers in Grand Cayman
Christa Landowski On a Pathfiner Rebreather

Innerspace Systems Corporation has manufactured a rebreather that fits in both today’s diving environment and tomorrows. If you would like to explore the Tiburon further, send us an email or call and we would be glad to visit with you about becoming a Megalodon CCR Diver!

Interested in becoming a Megalodon diver?

With years of experience in CCR diving the staff at Oceanic Ventures can help you become a Discovery Channel diver and learn to stay underwater longer, go deeper and take unreal photographs. To get started, just call or email Dive Mom to set-up an appointment to see what it takes and what you will need.