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Private Classes in Your Own Home
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Our focus is a little different. We want to help you to become a scuba diver not just learn to dive. Let’s face it, anyone can learn to mimic a set of actions to pass a test, but when you go on your first real adventure, will you be a safe and comfortable diver?

At Oceanic Ventures, we want you to feel as safe and comfortable on your first trip as you will on your tenth trip and to fall in love with diving just like we did! Our program is tailored to help you reach that goal of swimming with the fish and have fun doing it.

  1. Let’s Start With Some Knowledge
    We know you are a busy person so we have tailored the learning to fit busy schedules. But we don’t just hand you a book or tell you to go read an online text. Instead, we use a combination of an interactive online program and in-person or virtual training with our staff to help you learn the basics of Scuba Diving so you can become a knowledgeable, thinking diver.
  2. Skills to Help You Feel Like a Diver
    It has often been said that you get what you pay for and Scuba Diving is no exception. We don’t teach “fast, cheap scuba.” Rather we help you gain comfort and skills in a non-threatening, non-rushed environment where you have time to internalize the knowledge and skills; and, where you have the time to feel comfortable being underwater and actually enjoying the feeling of weightlessness that only an astronaut or a diver can experience.
  3. Experience the Thrill of Diving in a Local Lake or on a Trip
    Let’s face it, you want to be underwater not in front of your computer and we want to take you there. Most of our divers start their journey at one of our local training lakes. But, to further our goal of helping you to become a safe and comfortable diver, we do more diving than we are required to do during these sessions which helps you develop your diving skills..
  4. Equipment Made for Real Divers
    If someone tells you that you only need a swimsuit and a towel, they are not really helping you to reach your goals. Scuba diving is an equipment-intensive sport just like golf or tennis. To become a diver, you want equipment that fits you and helps you become safer and more comfortable in the water.
  5. Additional Training to Help You Reach Your Goals
    Remember that your Open Water Diver program is just the beginning our your journey into the underwater world. To help you keep moving along that path, we have added a Computer Diving Specialty and an Enriched Air Nitrox course to your Open Water Diver Program.
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You can start your new lifetime pastime, Scuba Diving today! We have arranged with out training agency to let you preview the course materials right now. The first three chapters of the Open Water Scuba Diving course are yours to review free.

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To help you find out what questions to ask, we produced a e-book entitled Your Adventure Awaits… A Consumer’s Guide to Recreational Scuba Diving Instruction where we cover what makes up a complete Open Water Certification Course.  It includes things you should look for and things you should consider as well as the pitfalls and pricing schemes employed by some diving instructors and retailers.  It is not a long book but we think you will find it helpful.  You can find it here.

Stan and Stephanie Watowich with Marina and Matthew in Fiji
Stan and Stephanie Watowich with Marina and Matthew in Fiji

We loved the program and the people.

– Stephanie Watowich

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