If you watched the email or checked the calendar we has a really fun event. Mark and Alex, from Master ...Continue your exploration
If you missed the party with Alex and Mark from the Masterfleet you missed an awesome event. But if you ...Continue your exploration
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Stress responses help your body adjust to new situations. Stress can be positive, keeping us alert, motivated and ready to ...Continue your exploration
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By Tobias Friedrich When shooting corals, it’s important to have powerful underwater lighting with a high color rendering like the ...Continue your exploration
September and October have been a blast up at the lakes! The outdoor West Bellaire pool was colder than the ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich Move calmly in the water and don't make too many motions, especially not towards the animal, and ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich Good composition is always important, especially if you have enough time to frame a subject like this ...Continue your exploration
Anjelica asked me where was my favorite dive. This is a question I get a lot. And the answer if ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich When a subject performs a "flyby" like this Hawksbill Turtle, make sure to frame it against open ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich Working with ambient light is a great way to add contrast to your image. In this case, ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich Shooting upward is always the best option to compose your image. In this case, the low camera ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich When you’re shooting schooling fish, like these bannerfish, try to get them all swimming in one direction, ...Continue your exploration
By Tobias Friedrich Adding a diver always adds to the composition of the image. Try to place the diver in negative ...Continue your exploration
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If Charles had it his way, he would be diving and spearfishing three or four times a week.  “I have ...Continue your exploration
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